Melinda Gale

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Photo by Sequoia Ziff

Hailing from North Carolina, Melinda moved to Los Angeles in 2009 with one goal in mind: becoming an entertainment publicist. Hailing from rural North Carolina, Melinda Jackson moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to begin her career as an entertainment publicist. During nearly a decade working at the top public relations and social media agencies in entertainment, she has worked on GRAMMY award winning campaigns, national music and theatre tours, A-Lister backed non-profit initiatives, major motion picture premieres, tech launches, as well as literary releases, among other projects. Melinda joined The Republik team after relocating back to the Triangle in 2016 and currently serves at Public Relations and Social Media Director, where she specializes in traditional PR, social media, and influencer relations. 

When she is not pitching clients or escorting them on red carpets, Melinda enjoys watching Tar Heel basketball, attending Foo Fighters concerts or working out.

Fast Facts:

  • Campbell University alumni
  • Crazy aunt to Ryder
  • History/Politics/Harry Potter Nerd
  • Pizza enthusiast 
  • Doesn't understand why Drake won't return her calls
  • Former cheerleader, soccer player, show choir kid
  • Too southern for her own good
  • Lefty

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