Melinda Gale

Fitness & Lifestyle


Photo by Sequoia Ziff

Hailing from North Carolina, Melinda moved to Los Angeles in 2009 with one goal in mind: becoming an entertainment publicist. Melinda is excited to be able to pursue her dreams while being a part of a wonderful PR team. When she is not pitching clients or escorting them on red carpets, Melinda enjoys watching Tar Heel basketball, attending Foo Fighters concerts or working out.

Fast Facts:

  • Campbell University alumni
  • Crazy aunt to Ryder
  • History/Politics/Harry Potter Nerd
  • Pizza enthusiast 
  • Doesn't understand why Drake won't return her calls
  • Former cheerleader, soccer player, show choir kid
  • Too southern for her own good
  • Lefty

Any opinions expressed on are not those of Melinda's employer or clients.