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Real Life In Raleigh

TURTLE POWER! - Turtle Time at Carolina and Kure Beach, N.C.

It¹s "turtle time" again at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach! Want to plan a quick summer getaway that is as relaxing as it is fulfilling and educational? Look no further than Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, North Carolina, where you can enjoy a classic beach vacation while gaining the one-of-a-kind experience of helping endangered Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings. ­

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Three Cheers for 30 Years

Yesterday, I turned 30.

What once was a dreaded age is now celebrated. If I am completely honest, I have welcomed the change. I have this philosophy that I am sure other share which is that your 20's are filled with hardships that make you learn how to be an adult. In your 30's, you've already been through a ton of bullshit and are equipped to handle most of life's challenges. 

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