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10 Most Stressful Jobs - Where Does PR Rank?

Career website,, has listed the 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2016. I wasn't surprised when I was PR executive listed as it generally ALWAYS gets a mention on these lists. 

1) Enlisted military personnel

2) Firefighter

3) Airline pilot

4) Police officer

5) Event co-ordinator

6) PR executive

7) Senior corporate executive

8) Broadcaster

9) Newspaper reporter

10) Taxi driver

I loved seeing event co-ordinator and PR back to back as many times, they are one in the same. Is my job stressful? Absolutely. PR is one of those jobs where you have to be "on" at all times. Always on your toes. Is my job rewarding? Absolutely. I wouldn't trade it. However, I would like to trade some of my grey hairs and lost sleep...

One thing that did bother me is that parents and teachers weren't listed on this. In my opinion both are jobs that come with massive amounts of stress, probably way more stress than I am under. 

Was your job on this list?