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Happy Halloween! 

Growing up, we never really celebrated Halloween. Because of this, at 28, I don't really get the whole "let's dress up as something random and go out!" deal. I am, however, completely on board with any and all Halloween candy. Give me all the mellowcreme pumpkins and Reeses, please!  

Usually, I complain about Halloween like a grumpy old granny then I choose to sit at home and boycott all of the crazy Halloween festivities. This year, I actually went to two pre-Halloween events (one being a SAVED BY THE BELL themed party which is the actual best theme ever if you ask me). Did I dress up?....Well... Kind of. 

My "costume" for the Saved By The Bell themed party for Palihouse and Svedka.

Sareet and I got a little crazy at the #whatever party this year!

I acquired the above super 90's elementary school sweatshirt from my friend Travis while he was packing up to move across the country. I have worn this beauty the past three Halloween's.I plan on keeping it for a long time and wearing it every single Halloween. It will be like the teacher who wore the same thing for ever school photo. A girl can dream, ya know?

And now, I leave you with my favorite little monster, my sweet nephew, Ryder! He was a dinosaur this year but demands that he was actually a dragon. Artistic interpretation!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what did you dress up as this year?