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Easy Meal Planning

If you have followed me on social media for the past 3 or so years, you will know I am all about cooking healthy foods. My obsession started when I joined (the down defunct) FitOrbit, an online personal training platform. My FitOrbit trainer (Amanda Dale) would give me weekly fitness and nutrition plans. This taught me so much about calorie counting, the importance of measuring out ingredients (not guesstimating), and healthy alternatives to not so healthy guilty pleasure foods. 

One of my new favorite meals that I can make in bulk is a SUPER easy chicken recipe I got from my life idol, Heidi Powell. I take 6 boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, combined them with half a jar of my favorite Trader Joe's salsa, and throw them in my Crockpot (set to low) all night. By the time I wake up, it's done and ready to easily shred with a fork. 

This pot yields about 3 servings. Obviously if you are planning for longer, just up the portions. 

Heidi pairs her chicken with rice but since I am me, I decided to try it with cauliflower rice. 

If you have never tried cauliflower rice, you are missing out! I love doing it as fried rice. It's super simple to make. Just take a head of cauliflower and grate it. It's healthy, low calorie, AND is a workout. 

Got any go-to, quick and easy meal planning recipes? Let me know!