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What I'm Reading

Due to a 3rd grade teacher who was a total b-word and convinced me that I wasn't a good reader, I had a love hate relationship with reading for a long time. Thankfully, I am over all that now! 

Here are a few books that I am currently reading all at once because I am a crazy lady. 

First and foremost: I am obsessed with Rachel Hollis' The Chic Site. When I found out that she had a few books out, I had to download them on my iPad that day. Party Girl is about a southern girl who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream job as an event planner. As a southern girl who moved to LA to pursue my dream job in the entertainment industry, I knew this was a good fit. I am only a few chapters in but I love it so far! It's a really cute, easy read. Rachel hits the nail on the head with some of the "new to LA" frustrations (including traffic).

Full disclosure: I got a copy of The Art of Asking because of a project we are doing at work. I was familiar with Amanda Palmer because of her band The Dresden Dolls as well as the fact that she holds the record for highest grossing Kickstarter campaign to date. Before I started reading, I caught Amanda's TED talk, also titled The Art of Asking. Her message was so powerful, I knew I had to read her book ASAP. Amanda has a true artists soul and she's a hilarious writer. I can't wait to dig deeper into the book. Fun fact: her foreword was written by one of my favorite authors/life hero, Brene Brown

Not many people know this but I am obsessed with World War II history. For a long time, I would only read WWII books - memoirs, historical fiction, you know name it, I read it. When I read the description of All The Light We Cannot See, I knew I would love it instantly. The book is set in occupied France during World War II and centers around a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths eventually cross. Generally with books like this, I will get zero sleep because I absolutely have to speed read until the end. Sadly, I have been trying to get through this book since May. MAY!!! IT IS NOVEMBER. I tried to read it on flights to and from DC as well as NC. I just couldn't get through it for some reason, y'all. Everyone I know has rave reviews for this book but I am just not feeling it. It hops all over the place which is one of my least favorite things when reading as it makes it hard to keep up. I am determined to finish this book....when I finish all the others. Haha

Colleen Hoover is my favorite YA/New Adult author. Her books are intense yet quick reads. I love her writing because it includes zero science fiction - something I am not super into. It took me about two weeks to fly through her entire catalog. During these two weeks, I didn't even turn on my TV once. I read her books on the elliptical at the gym, while I was eating lunch at my desk at work, and until the wee hours of the morning. November 9 is her newest book and I will be picking up my pre-ordered copy in a few days when I GO MEET COLLEEN AT A BOOK SIGNING. I am not excited at all. Fingers crossed that I can tell her some of my boy drama stories and get her to write about them! 

Cheryl Strayed is a golden god. Wild made me laugh, cry and want to pack up all my shit and hike the PCT. I listen to Cheryl's podcast Dear Sugar every week and become even more obsessed with her after each once. I don't currently own this book but I absolutely cannot wait to actually purchase Brave Enough! (If anyone wants to buy it for me, feel free haha) The book is full of quotes and thoughts -- "mini instruction manuals for the soul". WHO DOESN'T NEED A MINI INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR THEIR SOUL?! Go grab this ASAP and read it with me so we can all feel inspired and/or cry together. 

What are you currently reading? Need some more reading inspiration? Check out my GoodReads.