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What I'm Watching

Because I have the patience of a toddler, I can generally only binge watch shows. I also have a problem with not knowing what happened on something so binge watching allows me to find out quickly (I will never turn down a spoiler alert).

 Here are a few things I have been binge watching lately (when I should have been out socializing...but that's neither here nor there).


First and foremost, my love for Aziz knows no bounds. Not only are we both Carolinians (him being from the lesser of the two Carolinas) but we are the same height! Hello! That's a recipe for friendship if I have ever heard one.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went into Master of None but I was pleasantly surprised at how real it was. The show covers issues like race, dating, parenting, family and even working in entertainment. After binge watching the show over the course of a Friday night/Saturday morning, I have zero complains. The show is set in NYC but the city isn't a secondary character like in so many other shows based there. It was funny, it was light, but again, it was real. I can't wait to see what a second season will bring. Fun fact: Aziz actually uses his REAL parents in the show! His dad is HILARIOUS. 

Admittedly, I never really thought to watch Jane The Virgin because of the title. I knew that it was a whole "immaculate conception" type scenario but didn't really take it seriously. When a friend told me that it was actually a great show, I decided to give it a shot. When I finished watching Master of None, I blew through the first season of Jane The Virgin on Netflix. Then I blew through Season 2 (what has already aired at least) on Hulu. Holy hell, am I now obsessed. It's cute, fun, and surprisingly wholesome. The show is set in Miami and set up like a telenovela. There is boy drama, family drama, drug lord drama, and a ton of laughs. I think my favorite character has to be Jane's telenovela star Rogelio, who produces some of the best lines of the show and loves to talk in hashtags. He also consistently name drops his celebrity friends and even gets in a fight with Britney Spears in the latest episode. I think Jane The Virgin is a show that anyone could watch and enjoy. "#Family #Love #Flove" (actual Rogelio quote)


This Is Life With Lisa Ling is currently streaming on Netflix and IT RULES. It's perfect for anyone who is a fan of documentaries/investigative journalism. Within the first three episodes, she has already covered the new oil boom in North Dakota, traveling strippers, and the secret addiction problems in the LDS church. Hello! This is the stuff of greatness right here. The show is documentary style and Lisa does so many great interviews. There is one scene where she is in a diner with an addict who was formerly LDS and it is the most heartbreaking thing. You can tell Lisa is truly passionate about the work she is doing. I can't wait to keep watching! Next up: an episode about sugar daddies! 

Chase Crawford with a southern accent? SIGN ME UP! I have only watched a few episodes and while the drama escalated a little too quickly for my liking, I can't stop watching. Blood & Oil is based on the oil boom in North Dakota which is why I got excited about the This Is Life episode regarding the topic. To be honest, I didn't even know it was really a thing until I saw the This Is Life episode. Regardless, Blood & Oil has a great cast that also includes my favorite Hart of Dixie cast member, Wilson Bethel. The show might not be for everyone but it's worth watching an episode or two to feel it out. 

What shows are you totally obsessed with right now?