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Pressed Juicery

I have been fighting a cold for the past week and like any adult, I chose to just complain about it as opposed to taking meds. Facebook somehow knew this because I kept seeing ads for a Pressed Juicery Cold-Buster Kit. 

While running errands, I considered these constant ads a sign and headed over to the Larchmont location. When I arrived, I saw they also had a 5 for $29.50 special. Since I knew I would be eating a ton of unhealthy food over the Thanksgiving holiday and a trip to Vegas, I figured this would be the perfect time to stock up on juice. The staff was amazing and let me sample a few things. Being my first time at Pressed, I also received 25% off. 

The grand total for 7 juices + a wellness shot came out to just under $34. Admittedly, I don't frequent pressed juice stores as I prefer to juice at home BUT I thought this was a steal. All of the samples I have tired so far from Pressed have been great and I am hoping that super spicy wellness shot does a number on my cold.