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The Real 10

White women are paid 78% of what white men are paid. Here's #TheReal10 for me. 

Probably not the most appropriate photo but I couldn't resist since my shirt says "Whiskey For President". Want to put your face on a bill? Go here

I don't know about you but it really bothers me knowing that by default, I likely make less than so many males who are the same age as me, with the same education and qualifications. Just because I am a woman does not mean that my work lacks the quality of something a male might produce. So many of my family members, former teachers/coaches, former/current employers are strong, hardworking women. It pains me to know they may have not earned the wages that they deserved. 

The Facts: 

On average, women are paid only 79% of what men are paid.
African American women make 63% less.
American Indian or Alaska Native women make 59% less.
Asian American women make 90% less.
Hispanic or Latina women make 54% less.
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander women make 62% less.
White (non-hispanic) women make 78% less.
(All facts from

What can we do?
Tell Congress you want equal pay
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earn How to negotiate your salary 

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