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Melinda Cooks Things: Prosciutto and Gruyere Croissants

Prosciutto and Gruyere Croissants are one of my favorite appetizers to make not only because they are quick and easy, but because they are so freaking tasty. Bread, meat and cheese? Sign me up. I included a link to this recipe in my Thanksgiving post but I admittedly don't follow it. I find it way too complicated. So here is the super easy Melinda version.

Usually when I make these, I make one regular batch then one experimental batch using different meats and cheeses. Due to time, I decided to stick with the original.

What you need:

Pillsbury® 90 Calorie Crescents
Rosemary (optional)

Going to state the obvious here: I am no photographer nor am I a culinary artist.

The next step is pretty much common sense but you roll out the dough, separate, then put appropriate amounts of prosciutto, gruyere, and rosemary on each piece. Blowing your mind, I know. 

Yes. That's the actual size of my stove. I live in a 1920's studio so my stove is the size of an Easy Bake Oven. 

Next step is to roll them all up. Usually there will be a few croissants that have extra doughs on the ends so I just fold it under. 

Some people add an egg wash before baking but I don't because #lazy.

Bake according to the dough package (which is usually be 9-12 minutes). 

BAM! Now you have some super tasty treats.