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Holiday Fitness Tips: Londin Angel Winters

Londin is one of my former clients as well as one of my favorite people on the planet! She is the co-founder of Metaphysical Fitness and the author of Loving Your Weight Off. Here are Londin's fitness tips for the holiday season.

The holidays can be one of the hardest times of the year for the fitness buff. And the more serious we are about our fitness goals, the harder these times. Why? Because we spent all year crafting our perfect body, therefore we may not feel like we can give ourselves a break. The problem is, taking a break might be exactly what we need and a part of us is going to do it whether we like it or not (i.e. - face first into the holiday leftovers when our guard is down). If we don’t resolve this inner conflict, we might spend the precious holiday break hopelessly at odds with ourselves.  So, how do we resolve the need to relax with the need to maintain good physique? 

Here are the 4 key steps: 

1. Be Real
We must recognize how hard it is to stay clean during this time due to peer pressure and to our own desire to relax. Almost everyone around us is probably indulging to the max which naturally makes us want to join the party. Also, the holidays are a time for celebration and celebration often means easing up on our “rules.” Finally, the holidays are a time of rest. Rarely do we get the rest that this time affords where it’s considered totally okay to go off the grid so to speak and recover energy prior to the New Year. So, we need to recognize that it’s not easy to maintain discipline and create a game-plan that allows for some wiggle room. 

2. Mitigate the Damage
As hard as it might feel to have a game-plan in place at this time, it will pay off. What is great about being on a program at this time of year is that the damage is way less going into the New Year than it otherwise would be (if we had no boundaries around food/drink). Recognize that any day that you take a couple positive actions toward your body goal is a huge step forward in ringing in the New Year feeling better than ever before and that feels way, way better than any holiday cocktail or holiday appetizer ever could. 

3. Walk the Balance Beam
The key is to walk the balance beam at this time. Stay on your commitment as best you can, but do not beat yourself up for the occasional infraction. Whatever you do, don’t get black and white about it. Don’t decide that “all is lost” and give up completely. Make a list of minimal daily commitments which are easy to meet and keep them posted on the fridge. Make it the absolute bare minimum where you can do it, even on the worst day. Then stick to that as a non-negotiable and let all the normal fitness doings be a bonus. 

4. Forgiveness is King
Keep your self-love and self-forgiveness in the equation and let every last cheat decision go. Just keep on going, keep on going. No matter how it looks, keep on going. The great thing about keeping on with the minimal daily commitment is you will end up in much better place than if you allow yourself to throw in the towel or unconscious binge in rebellion to unrealistic rules. 

Your reward for staying in balance - fitting nicely in that New Years Eve outfit. Or at least fitting into it better than you would have otherwise.