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An Evening With...Mindy Kaling

Most females my age consider their idols Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or Britney Spears. Are these ladies great? Sure. But they don't really inspire me in any way. (Sorry internet!) Who does inspire me? Mindy Kaling!

As a long time member of LACMA (is 4 years a long time? does this make me artsy and cool?), I peed my pants a little when I saw they were going to be hosting an evening with Mindy Kaling. This evening included not only a screening of Season 4 Episode 13 of The Mindy Project but also a Q&A hosted by Elvis Mitchell

Excuse the poor quality of these photos

Mindy was everything I hoped she would be. Smart, well spoken, and hilarious. She chugged wine the whole time which clearly got a huge "YES QUEEN" from me. Here are a few highlights from the Q&A:

  • Mindy shared that the ending of Episode 13 would have never worked on a network because the ending is not happy enough to be considered a typical "Christmas episode".
  • The Mindy Project is allowed to let story lines and scenes "sit" because they have more time since moving to Hulu. If they were still on a network, the show would only have about 19 minutes to pack everything in.
  • When asked if there was anything Mindy had to fight for in regards to the show, she said that just the idea of the character Mindy because she's not the typical leading lady you'd expect. 
  • "All it takes is one powerful person who thinks you're good" in regards to an exec at Fox believing in The Mindy Project after NBC passed.
  • On the character Mindy: "She's delusionally confident."
  • "I don't think liability is more important than relatablity." in regards to some of the character Mindy's choices and how she is more relatable now that she is a movie. 
  • Mindy went into more detail regarding the BJ Novak falling asleep in the theatre story she shared in her book Why Not Me?
  • Speaking of BJ, there was a little discussion regarding the similarities between BJ+Mindy's relationship and Danny+Mindy's. It was a parallel I had never thought of before.
  • Mindy discussed how amazing Ike Barinholtz is and how she is so excited that he gets to be the male lead in Sisters with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. (Fun Fact: I see Ike at my gym a lot. Hey!)
  • Want to know Mindy's career secret? She says she has a nice little scam going where she doesn't have to audition, she just makes her friends cast her in their projects. Easy enough!
  • Mindy shared that she just finished writing an outline for a movie she's hoping to write and produce. 
  • As for what shes's watching now, Mindy shared that she's super into violent dramas which are the complete opposite of her show. It's all about balance! 
  • Mindy dropped "thirsty" in at once point and totally solidified her hero status in my life. 
  • When speaking about her staff, Mindy said all of her favorite people are incredibly focused workaholics.