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Stop Settling

I’m literally amazed at the negative behavior we condition ourselves to deem acceptable. No one should ever make you feel inferior. No one should ever make you feel insecure regarding your looks. Relationships of any capacity shouldn’t be one sided and if they are, we should make the other person recognize that. In summary, stop settling.
— My Facebook status, Dec 18th, 2013

Usually, that little "On This Day" section of Facebook gives me anxiety. It always reminds me of past relationships, events or even outfits that I'd rather not relive. But then I see things like this and remember exactly what I was going through at that time. 

I am so, so guilty of settling in relationships of any kind. I never speak up when someone is treating me poorly. I make excuses for others bad behavior. I let others dictate how I feel about myself. 

I absolutely needed to be reminded of my own words.