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Pressed Juicery's 1-Day Cleanse

After the Thanksgiving holiday and a Vegas trip, I was feeling pretty stuffed/gross. What was meant to be a stop into Pressed to grab one juice for breakfast on the way to work turned into deciding to do a one day cleanse


When I arrived at the Pressed Juicery Hollywood location, I noticed that they were running a special which allowed you to get the 1-Day Cleanse (regularly priced at $72) for $39.50. I couldn't say no to that! I could be a real lady of Hollywood on the cheap! A 1-Day Cleanse includes 6 juices (that they number for you) as well as two specialty waters. Since it was my very first juice cleanse, I decided to go with the Cleanse 1. 

If you are new to cleansing this is the juice cleanse for you. Cleanse 1 is the only cleanse that contains 2 almond milks which are rich in protein and complex carbohydrates.

-First time cleansers
-Athletes or individuals with higher caloric needs or hunger concerns


The great guy who helped me out made sure to tell me to drink lots of water in between each juice. This would help fill me up and also help the cleanse really do it's job. I drank my first juice (almond, dates, sea salt, vanilla bean) at about 9:30AM and honestly didn't even miss my normal breakfast. Admittedly, I chugged my waters in between juices quickly so I could get to the next one to see what it tasted like. See: impatient. 


I had a pretty busy work day and didn't even get hungry until about 2PM. At this point I was maybe halfway through my Chlorophyll Water and not even on to my 3rd juice. Once I started my 3rd juice, I was totally okay. 

As my work day started winding down, I realized I was only halfway through my juices. I knew I needed those extra calories for my first TRX class later that night so I chugged #4 while in a meeting. Hey, it's LA, it's normal. This is the part where I should tell you that it's generally NOT recommended that you do any strenuous workouts while on a cleanse. Me, being me, decided I was above this rule. I was not. I don't know if it was because of the cleanse or because TRX is hard BUT I felt like I was going to die. 

Once I got home, I still had #5, #6, half the Chlorophyll Water and my Aloe Water left. I think the hardest part was getting them all in. I wasn't hungry, I just felt weird not coming home and cooking dinner. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my 1-Day Cleanse! All of the juices were tasty so no complaints there. Could I do a 3 day cleanse? Probably. Would I be super hangry? Probably! Seeing as how I am new to Pressed, I don't know how often they run specials on cleanses but I will definitely be keeping track as I would love to do one again.