Melinda Gale

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Beauty Faves: Nerium

As a part of my job, I always end up finding out about the latest and greatest beauty products. Nerium is no exception. I first learned about the company a few years back through a work project and I have been a loyal user ever since. Their Age-Defying Night Cream is a staple in my nightly beauty routine. (Fun fact: it's only 1 fl oz so you can pack it in your toiletries while traveling.)

After washing my face, I apply 4 pumps to damp skin (it goes on a little better this way) and I am good to go until the morning. The formula dries quickly and doesn't get all over my pillows like most night creams do. In the morning, I just wash it off with warm water and head out to the gym, fresh faced. 

Nerium's Age-Defying products help fight fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, among about a million other amazing things. Even after a few (admittedly not so regular) uses of their night cream, I could already see improvements in my uneven skin tones that had bothered me for years. This motivated me to use the product even more regularly and even start using their Age-Defying Day Cream. It doesn't have an SPF so I like to mix it with a face sunscreen every day for extra protection.

Nerium's Firm Body Contouring Cream is a total celeb favorite. Firm is a clinically tested body contour cream powered by Nerium's exclusive NAE-8 extract. This breakthrough formula helps firm and tone problem areas for sleeker, more youthful-looking body skin. Sure, no single product is going to make you a thin Victoria's Secret model BUT after regular use of Firm, it will certainly help you be on your way. I don't use this as regularly as I should but just looking at customers before and after photos makes me want a lifetime supply. 

EHT is Nerium's newest product and their first supplement. EHT® Age-Defying Supplement helps protect against mental decline with a groundbreaking formula that includes Nerium's exclusive and patented EHT® extract which is a natural mix of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee. I have recently tried to be more cognizant of what kind of supplements I take so this would be great to add to the lineup. Who doesn't want a young brain?! 

Chances are, you already know a Nerium Brand Partner but if you don't you can find one here.