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Viva Las Vegas

Full disclosure: If you came to this post looking for tales of a wild and crazy weekend in Las Vegas, you came to the wrong place. 

Day 1

Thanks to my obsessive tweeting in an Expedia Twitter chat late last year, I won a two night stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in Henderson, NV. The free stay had been in the back of my mind for a while so I decided to bite the bullet and finally use it on the extra days I had off due to Thanksgiving. Las Vegas is only a 3-4 hour drive from Los Angeles and about an hour flight. My friend Liz and I opted for the former and made a road trip out of it. 

Due to a few circumstances, Liz and I ended up being upgraded to a suite by the amazing Green Valley staff. We were honestly just stoked to be out of LA for a few days but these digs were a welcomed surprise. The suite included a massive dining/living room, 1 1/2 baths, a full bar, a bedroom with a king sized bed, and the coolest shower on the planet. 

After checking in and waiting on our room, Liz and I headed down to the casino to get the lay of the land. I won exactly $6.50 on a penny slot machine off of $1 and promptly walked away.

Later that night, we headed over to The Mirage to see my old friends, Boyz II Men. I have met Boyz a few times due to work related events but I had never seen them live. It's safe to say that their show was easily in my top 10 favorite shows I have ever been to. This is coming from someone who attends multiple shows a month! The vocals were spot on, their showmanship was amazing and they were so great interacting with the crowd multiple times during the show. Important note: the concessions for this show sells 24 oz cocktails for $24. You read that right. 

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Boyz II Men covered Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Hello total 90's overload! I found it super fun and ironic because I wore a Boyz II Men shirt to a Foo Fighters show in DC this summer and got a ton of compliments. Then I come to a Boyz II Men show and they cover Nirvana. Basically my life coming full circle. 

Because I have amazing people who love me, I not only scored tickets to the show but also backstage passes. Seriously, if you get a chance to go see their show in Vegas (or just anywhere else for that matter), do it! They are the greatest dudes. 

Day 2

The next morning, Liz and I did like any wild/crazy single ladies would do in Vegas at 7AM: work out. Although a little confusing to find, I was very impressed with the quality of Green Valley's gym. Not your standard crummy hotel gym, Green Valley offers full weights, plenty of cardio machines, stationary bikes, yoga mats and basically anything else you would need. 

Intense workouts in Vegas should always be followed by a breakfast buffet so that's exactly what we did. Feast, Green Valley's buffet, is reasonably priced and has been named the "Best Brunch Buffet" in Las Vegas. When we arrived, there was only about 20 minutes remaining of the breakfast buffet, however, they told us we could stay as long as we liked. That means we got the best of both worlds! Breakfast and Lunch! *Que Hannah Montana theme song*

After eating approximately 37 plates of the most random combinations of food known to man, we headed back to the room to watch college football and nap. Again, just normal, exciting Las Vegas things. 

When we felt like we had napped for an embarrassing amount of time for a Saturday morning, we made our way to the strip to get a little shopping done.


Saturday night, we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, LYFE Kitchen. LYFE Kitchen has super healthy options which is exactly what our bodies needed post-Thanksgiving and that breakfast buffet. 


I grabbed the Kale Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken as well as a Cucumber Mint Chia Lyfe Water. I highly recommend both if you find a LYFE Kitchen in your area! (Also, the spinach frittata is perfect for breakfast!)


Liz and I had to keep the super 90's R&B weekend going by stopping by the All-4-One show.  The seating for the venue was awkward and placed us at cafeteria tables with people we didn't know, but that didn't stop us from singing at the top of our lungs. All-4-One performed all the hits, including a few songs off their new album.  

When the show was over, we headed back to Green Valley to close out our last night in town. This is when the party really started. 


Pizza Rock was the perfect late night spot for us. It had pizza, great drink specials and Justin Bieber music videos. Literally, I couldn't ask for anything more. We had the sweetest bartender who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to our scream singing of every single music video that came on the screen. He helped us pick the perfect beers, apps and gave us the low down on Pizza Rock's late night happy hour. This is where I mention that they have $3 32 oz PBR's. Clearly this was purchased, drank while its owner danced to Salt N Peppa and then passed between two ladies while they walked back to their hotel room.  

Liz and I went to Vegas with the plan of being as granny as possible. We absolutely succeeded. I don't think I ever want to do Vegas any other way ever again. 

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