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DIY: Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

I am not a crafter. It's just not something I have ever been good at. So bad, in fact, that going in craft stories with my mom gives me anxiety. However, deciding that I need to stop being a granny closed up in my apartment, I joined a few friends for a craft afternoon. Normally, I would have screamed "HARD PASS" and not even given this a second thought BUT I figured I could blog about it no matter what we go. 

The project: Marbled Clay Jewelry Dishes!

Yes I know these photos are crappy. I had clay all over my hands OKAY!

First, we all picked out what colors we wanted. I opted for the closest thing I could get to Carolina colors because I am me. After this, we rolled out the colored clay into long, skinny strands.

Next, we "braided" them together. Pro tip: just pinch it all together at the top and then start twisting down.

Then we had to fold it over again and twist it more. At this point, it looked like some sort of candy. I didn't read the warnings on the box of clay but I am pretty sure you're not supposed to eat don't. 

Next, we had to smush our creations into  a ball and flatten them out. This is what my bowl looked like at first. Then I watched everyone else make theirs and I got jealous so I mixed it up again to create more of a marbled effect. Ask anyone there and they will tell you, I literally had REAL LIFE ANXIETY over this. I just knew I would find a way to screw it up. 

After flattening our clay, we used a small bowl  turned upside down as a guide and cut off any excess clay that was on the outside. Then, we put our clay in larger bowls and popped them in the oven to bake.

There was much debate as to if the bowls were completely done or not so we popped them in and out of the oven a few times and even into the fridge at one point. 

I was SO STOKED at how my bowl LOOKED LIKE A REAL THING!!! I texted a photo to my mom, who asked me what it was and said it looked like a sea shell. Thanks Nancy. Note: I wanted my edges to be really haphazard because I felt like that meant it would look like it was from Anthropologie and $900.

After our bowls had cooled, we painted the rims with metallic gold paint.

And here is my finished project! A super sweet, Carolina Tar Heels colored jewelry bowl. 

All in all, I was so very excited about how easy this project was and how my bowl turned out. I cannot wait to make more. (This means expect me to make you one for Christmas.) For the actual REAL instructions on how to make your own bowl, visit A Beautiful Mess.