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Hike: Eaton Canyon

With all my newfound free time and my time in Los Angeles limited, I figured it was time to hit a few local trails. This morning I decided to tackle Eaton Canyon in Pasadena

I have always seen photos of the famous waterfall in Eaton Canyon but for some reason thought the hike was in Mailbu. While I love hiking in Malibu, I don't feel like going THAT far out for a weekday hike. Before heading to Pasadena, I popped into Wal-Mart in Glendale to grab an Outdoor Products Monopod Trekking Pole. After debating for a few months now as to if I should purchase a trekking pole or not, I decided to bite the bullet and do it. While Eaton Canyon doesn't have much of an elevation, I thought it would be the perfect environment to see if I even liked hiking with a pole. 

I started around 9:45AM-ish and it wasn't too hot. However, the trail ranges from not shaded at all to completely shaded so even on a hot day, it would be bearable. The trail isn't very clearly marked so if you have horrible navigation skills, make sure to download the AllTrails app so you can track yourself. 

Right before you get to the waterfall, it feels like you're never going to find it. You can hear the water but it's no where in site. This is when a bit of rock climbing comes into play. I was glad to have my trekking pole when I had to climb a bolder covered hill. Once I summited the mini mountain, just around the corner was the waterfall.

There were a few families out with their children and dogs, all playing in the water. While I debated if I should get in the water or not, I snacked on some awesome treats that Crispy Green sent me. 

After a few minutes, I decided to actually take off my shoes and stick my feet in the water. It was freezing but totally refreshing. I totally want to go back on a hot day as I think I would enjoy it more. 

All in all, Eaton Canyon is an easy 3.5 mile hike with little elevation gain. It's perfect if you have your dog with you (just make sure they are on a leash) or your kids (leash optional).