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Holiday Fitness Tips from O2 Fitness

Y'all. Does holiday eating absolutely terrify you like it does me? I feel like any time I am at a holiday party or family get together, I either drink way too much which results in eating a ton or just feel like I absolutely have to stuff my face with all the delicious food I see. Not the ideal situation for someone who tries hard to be on top of their health and fitness game! Lucky, Prath Burton, Senior Fitness Director at O2 Fitness Clubs sent over a few tips to keep us all happy and healthy this holiday season.  

1. PREPARATION IS KEY:  Establish holiday obstacles (the pies!) and goals, such as maintaining your current weight, before jumping into those holiday treats.

2. EAT, PAPA, EAT! (ON A NORMAL SCHEDULE):  Santa is at his best when he sticks to a holiday eating plan, and you are too. Don’t try to make up for future indulging by skipping meals. This only causes greater hunger and overeating.

3. SWEAT BEFORE YOU GET STUFFED:  Here’s a quick workout to try before a big meal: 3 rounds of 5 burpees, 20 pushups, 30 squats, 40 crunches, 60 second plank. Now pass the (reasonable amount) of gravy.

4. GO AHEAD AND BURN THE TURKEY:  Only 10 minutes a day of activity, like the circuit above, has been shown to help increase overall calorie burn. Even a quick walk is worth something – and it comes with the added bonus of getting you out of awkward conversations with your in-laws. 

5. JUST RELAX:  The holidays can cause stress, whether it’s family, travel or worrying about destroying your hard work in the gym. Relax and enjoy the holiday by preparing, being mindful of portions and being thankful!