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Preface: If you ask me where my favorite place in the world is, I will either tell you the Dean Dome at UNC or the Grand Canyon. 

In an effort to get back in the practice of updating this little ol thing more often, I went through my drafts and realized I never blogged about mine and Shelby's epic Grand Canyon hike last 4th of July. While I have lots of #feels seeing all these awesome photos again, I am going to keep my commentary brief and let the pictures speak for themselves. Also see: lazy. 

The drive to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles is around 8 or 9 hours and we loved every minute of it. We planned the drive so that we could go to Cracker Barrel (about 6 hours into the drive, the closest one to SoCal) because you know two southern girls can't survive very long without those biscuits. Lucky for us, there was also a Sonic near the Cracker Barrel so you know we stopped there on the way back. 

Since Shelby and I are weirdos and on the same brainwave, we saw these signs in Yucca, AZ from the highway and pulled over immediately... because we wanted it for Instagram...

Once you actually turn off of Hwy 40 to get on Hwy 64 leading the the GC, you still have a few hours to drive. About 30 minutes away from Grand Canyon Village, we spotted these teepee's while attempting to turn into a gas station and had to go check them out. Turns out, they belong to a great store that we ended up going to twice. 

While at the Grand Canyon, we stayed at the El Tovar, which is the oldest lodge in the park. It wasn't the most fancy place ever but after a day of hiking the Bright Angel Trail, who gives a shit. It was clean and comfortable and really, that's all that mattered. 

I will leave you with these beautiful views from the most amazing hike and the most amazing trip.