Melinda Gale

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Wine Wednesday: Malibu Wines

As a part of our "super healthy lifestyle" initiative, Shelby and I decided to go sober for a little bit. What better way to kick off going sober than to use an expiring Groupon for a wine tasting?! Late Sunday afternoon, we ventured all the way out to the Malibu Family Wines tasting room over at Angeles National Golf Course in Sunland. Just a 25 min drive into The Valley and we were already obsessed with how beautiful everything was. 

Our sommelier was knowledgeable and helpful. He didn't even make us feel bad when we admittedly told him we were only used to drinking....."budget friendly" wines. 


I cannot wait to go back here to taste wine, eat some of their delicious food, and hopefully hit up their driving range! (Note: I have no idea how to play golf but I want to at least try!)