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Spring Cleaning with 5miles

Spring cleaning time is here! If you are anything like me, you always PLAN to spring clean but then Christmas comes and your place is still a wreck. 

While Marie Kondo and other professional organizers have made minimalism an aspirational goal for home style, many individuals find it difficult to let go of items they have stored for years. The typical home contains $1,600 worth of unused clutter

Professional organizer Paloma Baillie and 5miles app, a new buying and selling app that is helping 6 million users safely get rid of unneeded home items and goods, sent over a few spring cleaning tips. 

Paloma, a 15-year veteran in professional organizing, has a spring cleaning approach that not only addresses the home, but also relaxing the mind and caring for your body through nutrition.

Paloma’s spring cleaning tips (She likes to call it “D-Day”):

  1. Disco: Create your favorite playlist – something that motivates you to get moving.
  2. Discover: Open up boxes, closets and items you haven’t seen in over a year.
  3. Discard: Throw away trash and discard or sell those things you haven’t worn or used in the last 6 months. You can make money on unused items using mobile marketplace apps, such as 5miles.
  4. Donate: Choose your favorite charity donation shop or shelter and create a tax write-off for your return.
  5. Disinfect: Use green and eco-friendly products to make your house smell beautiful with lemon.

Over the years, Paloma has served countless clients (many from 5miles app, where she sells her organizing service), including stay at home moms, an AP photographer, philanthropists, business managers and marketing professionals. 

Already averaging between 30,000 and 40,000 daily downloads, 5miles shows users goods listed within a 5mile radius of their location and users can sell items from cars to clothing to toys – any and everything that is de-cluttering their home.