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2/18-19 Weekend In Review

A few years ago, a friend asked me what my weekend plans were. I said I didn't have any. They immediately answered with "Yeah, you say that but you know you'll end up doing a ton of adult things." Ever since this conversation, I've thought about this any time anyone asks me what I am doing on the weekend. Being the psycho person that I am, I generally hate making weekend plans because I know that I only have two days to fit a weeks worth of cleaning, errands, meal prep and extra workouts into two glorious days off. 

This weekend ended up being filled with unexpected but fun family time. On Saturday, I ventured downtown to the Raleigh Home Show at the Raleigh Convention Center with my mom. Generally, this isn't my type of thing but I figured I could use a little extra mom time. 


The show was....weird. I think there were more chiropractor booths there than actual home things. The vendors were random and not very planned out. It was kind of all over the place to be honest. I know I am not a home owner but I have been to (and worked at) plenty of conventions/trade shows and this one seemed super lame. Then again, it was only $10 to get in so what can I expect. I think my mom and I had more fun walking around laughing at random things than we really had regarding the actual show and its vendors. 

Sadly, I couldn't convince my mom to buy this sick hot tub..... HORRIBLE DECISION NANCY. 


After a nap and some... you guessed it, ERRANDS, I headed to the greatest city on earth, Chapel Hill to meet up with a few friends. It was game night so He's Not Here was packed with youths trying to get a few blue cups of beer in before UNC took on UVA at the Dean Dome. It's a rarity that I actually hang out in CH instead of just going straight to a sporting event so it was nice to just hang for a bit with a few friends that I haven't seen in years. 


Sunday morning started with a 9AM church service at Church On Morgan. I dipped out a little early to try to get a little cardio in at the North Carolina Museum of Art. I freaking love this park y'all. It has it's own trails that connect to multiple Capital Area Greenway trails so you can really log some miles if you feel up to it. 


It doesn't look like it from the photos but the trails and the park were packed with families. It was awesome to see so many cute dogs and kids running around. Def check out this spot on a sunny day if you haven't already! 

Next up, I met my parents at the Raleigh Flea Market. Again, generally, not my thing. In Los Angeles, I loved going to the Melrose Trading Post. It's hip and great for celeb sightings. Well... the Raleigh Flea Market isn't exactly the same. 


This was my first glimpse of the flea market. Not that exciting. Then I realized that I wasn't even in the cool part. I walked to my right and down a bit until I found my parents surrounded by a ton of vintage TREASURES. If you are looking for furniture to flip, cool random vintage shit for your apartment, or just anything in life. GO TO THERE. 


My mom and I searched through these iron pieces until we found a few we liked. I grabbed the below mermaid and anchor. No surprise there. Being the woman that she is, mom convinced the guy to give us our finds cheaper than he originally quoted. Score. 

These bad boys are going to live on my deck.... with the tiny lizard who has taken up residence there... Yes I refuse to go outside. 

These bad boys are going to live on my deck.... with the tiny lizard who has taken up residence there... Yes I refuse to go outside. 

After walking around a bit outside, we headed inside to the more permanent vendors.  Mom and I had gawked at every piece of vintage pyrex we saw outside but then we stumbled up the holy mecca of all beautiful, colorful, vintage pyrex. I maybe cried. Mostly because of it was expensive as crap. 


One thing that I highly suggest doing if you are at the Raleigh Flea Market and head inside is stopping into the huge ladies shoe vender. I don't know if there is even a name for it but if you walk around a bit, you'll find it for sure. All shoes were under $28 and you get the second pair for 50% off. Granted, the shoes are the same brands you would find at "club stores" (think SODA, etc) but are great if you don't want to commit to spending a ton of a specific style. I grabbed two pairs of super cute booties that I will happily wear until they inevitably fall apart in 6 months. Fine with it. 

IN RECAP! My weekend was random AF but I got to spend a ton of time with my parents which is one of the main reasons why I moved home. We all have really busy schedules and I don't get to see them nearly as much as I thought. It was fun exploring with them and getting to know Raleigh a little better. With that, I will leave you with a few photos of my sweet nephew Ryder and I enjoying brunch last weekend at Tupelo Honey. 

Quality blog post is quality. I know.