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Floral Design with SkillPop Raleigh

When it comes to flowers, I have #thoughts. Mostly, it's just a massive jealousy because guys I dated never sent me flowers, or because I think roses are boring and overpriced. However, over the past few years, I have learned to love going to Trader Joes or Whole Foods to buy all kinds of different flowers and create arrangements at home. There's one tiny problem, I have not a damn clue what I am doing. After weeks of lurking SkillPop, I decided I would bite the bullet and take a floral arrangement class. 


Taught by Stephanie Cisko of Viva L'Event, the class was held at the super adorable Mayton Inn in Cary. The class started with Stephanie telling us a little bit about herself and followed with us all having to introduce ourselves. I was surprised because MOST of the ladies in attendance were publicists. Who knew I had so many fellow PR girls in the area. 

After introductions, Stephanie told us all about each of the flowers and a few basics about floral arranging and what we would be doing. This is where my Type A personality went into overdrive. I automatically started taking notes. I took down all of the flower names (which I would list here but I know I spelled wrong), the name of the wholeseller she uses (Cleveland Wholesale Flowers), and the reason why you should never put your flowers in your home fridge (spoiler alert: they will die, girl). 

Then it was time to start creating. Que massive anxiety attack on my part because Stephanie wanted us to use our creativity... but y'all... I need an example! I don't trust my creativity sometimes! 


Sadly, by the time it was my turn to go pick flowers for my arragement, there were no tulips left so I was stuck with my arch enemy -- A GARDEN ROSE. It's fine it's fine it's fine. 


One thing I had always heard but Stephanie solidified was that you always start with your greenery for your base. Always striving to make the least "happy" looking arrangement, I started with cute and fuzzy Lambs Ear. Next, I threw in some Eucalyptus because if it's good enough to help me breathe easier, it's good enough for an arrangement that would go on to live in my bathroom.  


What happened next is a blur because this is when my anxiety blackout started. Y'all, I fussed with this arrangement for a good 20 minutes. It had to be PERFECT!!!!! But who says what perfect is?! (Maybe I should talk to my therapist about all of this but whatever.)


Here was my final result! Everyone said it looked great but they could have been lying. Overall, I had a great time and learned a ton of fun stuff that will help me create pretty (and lasting) arrangements for my house from now on. 

If you want to learn all about floral design, check out a SkillPop class or one of The English Garden's classes (a little birdie told me they usually have some pretty awesome cocktails, too).