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Melinda's Favorite Things // Spring 2017 Edition

I am going to apologize in advance for the slightly lazy journalism that is going to follow but I have a million things to share and I am just SO EXCITED!!! Check out some of my current obsessions and become obsessed with them as well. 

First and foremost: THESE TERVIS TUMBLERS!!! 


The fine folks over at Tervis heard how much of a psycho UNC fan I am so they sent me a 16 oz Tumbler as well as a Waterbottle that commemorate UNC's 2017 NCAA National Championship win. Since the day I opened the box, I have used both the water bottle as well as the tumbler. Sometimes AT THE SAME TIME. My obsession is real. But seriously, thanks so much to the Tervis team for sending these over. You can grab them pretty much anywhere but when in doubt, just head to the Tervis site to order. 


I've recently become obsessed with fragrances. In college, I worked at a fragrance counter for a bit but have pretty much refused to spend any money on perfume in my adult life. Additionally, I had strong beliefs that people should be known for a certain signature scent and not confuse people. Again, no one listen to me. I am an idiot. BUT recently, I discovered the glory that is Jo Malone. Their fragrances can be mixed so of course, I had to find my perfect fit! I cannot suggest enough stopping by the Jo Malone counter at Belk or Nordstrom to see what combination works best with your chemistry. Seriously, it's magical. 


In addition to Jo Malone, I decided to drop some major $$$ (in my eyes) on the wonder that is "Beach Walk" which is in Maison Margiela's Replica series! I grabbed this at Sephora so you should probably go sniff it ASAP because it seriously smells like the most amazing beach walk you've ever had. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.47.35 PM.png

After seeing approximately 900 sponsored posts as well as a few great online reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase custom shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty. All you have to do is take a short quiz asking about your hair health and then their magic algorithm puts together the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you. 

You can even customize what color you want and what your bottle says. I made mine say "Function of Melinda" which I realize makes no sense but I wanted my house guests to know that that fancy ass shampoo was MINE! I grabbed a 16 oz shampoo with a 8 oz conditioner. I've had it for about 2 months and I have maybe used 1/4 of both. So far, it's been seriously amazing to my hair. The company boasts that you will see fewer split ends which I was skeptical of, but seriously y'all. I have like zero split ends and I normally have a split end factory going on in this mop. Function of Beauty is a little on the pricier side (I paid $42 for my order) but the quality is amazing, it lasts, smells great, and it's custom to YOUR hair needs. I seriously suggest trying it out. Plus if you use my referral link, you will get $5 off and I will get $5. What can go wrong with that?! 

As a side note to all of this, I was recently sent a copy of Belle Grove by Katherine Winfield to review. The book is a fictional tale about a small fishing town in Maryland and is filled with tons of small town drama that I know we can all relate to! While I haven't finished reading it yet, I haven't been able to put it down since I started reading it a few weeks ago. If you're looking for a book full of suspense to read by the pool or during your summer travels, I highly suggest picking it up!

Have something you're absolutely obsessed with lately? Let me know what it is in the comments!