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Melinda's Ultimate (And Lazy) Guide to Juicing

I jumped on the juicing train about 5 years ago when my former boss gave me a juicer for my birthday. My loyalty, however, comes in waves. This week while on basic house arrest due to my kidney procedure, I found 4 different juicing documentaries on Netflix and convinced myself I would die by the age of 32 if I didn't start juicing again. Juicing is a quick, easy, and tasty way for many people who usually don't like veggies to make sure they are getting their daily servings. Don't like kale? Juice it with a granny smith apple and some lemons. Bam! You've got your veggies and fruits. 

You have to go into juicing with a goal in mind. Are you making a single juice or are you making a big batch? Do you plan on doing a DIY cleanse or just having a few juices to drink each morning or throughout the day? What are you trying to accomplish? Etc etc. You get the idea. 

Juicing takes planning and prep. At least for me it does. I like to plan out my juicing recipes so I don't end up with a batch that tastes like poo. After a few different tries, however, you get a pretty good idea of what works best together. All of the work pays off when I realize that it costs me about $2 to make my own juices, as opposed to paying $8-10 for a single juice at a juicery (is juicery a word? Let's make it one.)

 Anywho, below are a few of my favorite juicing guides that I found on  Pinterest and swear by.


Additionally, I swear by The Juicing Bible. Def grab it if you are new to juicing (Jesus Christ how many times can I say juicing in this post)!! 

Do you have any favorite go-to juicing recipes?! Let me know in the comments!