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Pointless Things I Beat Myself Up Over

If you’re a person with high anxiety or just suffer from what I like to call “southern guilt”, you consistently beat yourself up about things that don’t matter. Because of this, I thought I would list some of the ridiculous things that I beat myself up over. I am sure some of you can relate. 


I beat myself up over:

-Arriving at work at 9:04 when we have a pretty flexible arrival policy. 

-If I favor a piece of clothing in my closet more than other things. I feel like the other clothes feel “left out”.

-Not responding to a text the second I get it.

-Ignoring a call no matter what.

-Working out after work instead of before work.

-Not meditating every single day. 

-Not reaching out to my friends more.

-Not sending my friends presents more. 

-Not reading more than I already do.

-Spending hours pinning things on Pinterest that I will never look at again.

-Buying lunch instead of eating the lunch that I packed.

-Spending too much money on groceries.

-Not being more strict regarding what I eat.

-Not setting aside more time for sleepovers with my nephews.

-Not hiking as much as I used to.

-Not giving more money to the church.

-Not spending more time on my site.

-Not spending more time trying to learn new things (i.e. taking Lynda courses).

-Not taking more time for myself.

-Beating myself up too much.


These are just a few of the endless number of things that I beat myself up over. Can you relate? What do you beat yourself up over?