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Freeze Your Buns off with Cryotherapy

On my never-ending quest to find the latest and greatest in wellness modalities, Cryotherapy kept popping up. I have always hated the idea of ice baths as a recovery tool after an intense workout because subjecting myself to cold for an extended version of time seems like a nightmare. Give me a steam room or a sauna any day! Better yet, give me 115 degree desert days in Palm Springs!  Even better! However, when my amazing, life-changing chiropractor Dr. Prakash at Living Well Balanced suggested I try out their cryo chamber, I had to do it. 


Cryotherapy is most commonly known as a recovery tool for athletes, It's quicker and more intense than a traditional recovery ice bath. However, one of the top uses for cryotherapy is aiding with those suffering from muscle pain or arthritis. It is also used for those suffering from chronic inflammation. Also said to help speed up your metabolism, many use it to help with weight loss. However, as you know, tools like this work best when incorporated in with a healthy diet and exercise. 


I have to say, the Living Well Balanced offices are BEAUTIFUL! You feel like you're in a spa rather than a doctors office. Their cyro chamber is located in a posh room with comfy couches, fuzzy rugs, a massage chair, mobile infrared sauna, and... a bar!! 

When it's time for your session, the wonderful Paula will give you a basket that includes a pair of gloves, socks, and boots, as well as a robe. Women get in the chamber wearing only the gloves, socks, and boots. Men wear their underwear as well as the gloves, socks, and boots. The boots are key here! I once got in and forgot to wear them and it was not pretty! 

I was a little nervous the first time I did Cryotherapy so Dr Prakash (being amazing as always) got in it first to show me the ropes. He handled it like a champ so I wasn't super worried about how it would be for me. 

When Dr. Prakash was done with his session, I was ready to freeze my buns off! I entered the chamber and tossed my robe out overhead. Paula fired up the chamber and it started getting cold. It feels like you're in a spray tan booth with dry ice at first. Then the temperatures slowly drop. There are 3 levels for Cryo and I only tried out the first, which gets down to around -200F. Yeah. It's FREEZING! To combat the cold, I made sure to spin in circles to make sure it wasn't focusing on just one area but all areas. I also jogged a little bit. Pretty soon, my 3 minutes were over and it was time to put my clothes back on. 


So far, I have done Cryotherapy 3 times, with two weeks in between each session. Each time I have gotten into the chamber, it's been at 8:00 AM so I spend the rest of the day defrosting! While the actual session SUCKS, I always feel like I could run a marathon after. My energy levels are up and I feel like I can go just a little harder in my workouts the next day. These sessions run around $45 but Living Well Balanced has special pricing when you purchase in bulk. To me, doing these sessions at my doctor's office is more comfortable, and an easy addition to my back wellness routine. 

Have you tried Cryotherapy? I'd love to hear your experiences in the comments!