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Ride Like A Star at CycleBar!

Do you really hate me for that horrible post title? Because don't worry. I hate myself for it. Anyway, you guys know I always try to keep it 100000% real with ya which is why I am going to open this with a confession: I really hate spin. So if I hate spin so much, why do I subject myself to the classes? Because I know that I am going to burn a million calories and feel great after. 

It's been about 2-3 years since I have taken a spin class, so when I heard that Cycle Bar North Hills was offering 3 free classes in celebration of their opening, I couldn't pass it up. I initially signed up for their intro to spin class. A day or two before the class, Anthony, the instructor emailed me introducing himself and asking if I had ever taken spin, if I had any injuries, questions, etc. I let him know that I had taken spin a few times before so he suggested that I sign up for the Classic class. I immediately changed my class (with ease) on their website and I was ready to go! 


When I arrived at Cycle Bar North Hills, I was greeted by their sweet staff, checked in on an ipad at the door, and grabbed spin shoes that they provide free of charge. They then escorted me over to a locked THAT HAD MY NAME ON IT! Spoiler alert: my last name isn't Gale. 


Inside they locker, they provided me with hand sanitizer, lip balm, and a water bottle (that I have used every day since). I put my things inside and locked it up with a combination that only I knew. I love that feature at studios!! 


The studio is set up like any other spin studio (that I have been to) with the instructor's bike elevated on a stage and then three rows of bikes. Cycle Bar is different from the studios I have been to, however, because they have a legit DJ booth! There are also two massive screens above the instructor so you can track your ranking in the class (if you want). I always hate this because historically, I come in very low in the class rankings. I have come to realize that this does not mean that I am a lazy fat slob, however. It just means spin isn't my forte and that's fine. As long as I am there, a la "just showing up on your mat" in yoga. 

Anyway, long story short -- The class was SO FUN. I didn't do as great as I had hoped but Anthony was an amazing and fun teacher. I decided to go back and take his Wine Down Wednesday class the next week, mainly because it was free and they serve wine after, but also because he's just that fun. This class went much better. Anthony is a hilarious teacher and really encouraging ("GET THAT BEYONCE BOOOTTTYYY") so I highly recommend everyone check out his class if you are in the Raleigh area. 

Cycle Bar North Hills offers a ton of amazing, themed classes that I can't wait to check out. This past Sunday, I attended their brunch ride which entails a mimosa/mini-breakfast bar after. Essentially, I have decided that if I am going to subject myself to a spin class, there should at least be alcohol involved, much like how I feel about signing up for 5k's. 

Long post short: I HIGHLY suggest going to a class at Cycle Bar North Hills! The staff is really fun and encouraging and I mean... they serve booze after some classes! Also, their whole shower situation is totally luxe so if you need to shower after a class, you will have all the amenities that you may need. You can check out their current introductory specials here AND your first class there is FREE. After my free classes were up, I grabbed the 5 classes for $59 package in case any of you want to ride with me!