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So WTF Is A Salt Cave?

You guys know I am all about different holistic treatments, ESPECIALLY if I can get a Groupon deal on them. *insert Honey Boo Boo coupon queen gif here* Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Himalayan salt is all the rage right now. Salt lamps, Himalayan Salt for food, and then, of course, Salt Caves.

Salt Caves are all the rage right now because of their detoxifying benefits. These caves are said to help with asthma (which I have), among other ailments so I decided to try it out. Thankfully, Skin Sense here in Raleigh has one so I could check it out! Full disclosure: I used my Groupon visits and then bought a package because I was so in love with it. However, I wanted to share with you guys the whole experience! So these photos are from the like...5th visit that I have had there. 


Anywho, depending on how busy the spa is, if you have a salt cave package, they will give you access to the WHOLE SPA!!! When you come in, they escort you to the locker room of your gender and give you a robe and sandals. They also have awesome lockers that you can make your own code for so no need to bring a lock. 


The locker room has an amazing steam room so I had to partake. I used steam rooms regularly when I lived in Los Angeles so I was so stoked to have access to this. I just love how my skin feels after a good steam! Plus, it opens up your pores for the salt detox. 


After the steam room, I love to utilize their RELAXATION ROOM! Y'all. It's magical. There are big puffy chairs, hot spiced tea (which I need to figure out the recipe for), and a fireplace which is the coziest. Basically, you just hang out in here until you are called for your service. In my case, one of the team members came back and grabbed me for my salt cave experience. 


Before you enter the salt cave, you are handed socks to wear. Then you pick which zero gravity chair you'd like and the spa associate will hand you a snuggly blanket and a cool lavender eye pillow. Then all you do for 45 minutes is chill in this warm salt cave. They have relaxing music playing and there is a water feature for more ambient sound. There are no electronics allowed in the cave so I really enjoy the time to unplug. Generally, there are others in the room with you but no one talks and I think a lot of people go to sleep. Nine times out of ten, I end up napping. 

All in all, I really love the downtime that salt caves provide for me. I use the 45 minutes to unplug, unwind, and meditate. From what I can tell, the salt air def helps my breathing immediately after I am there and my skin even feels a little better. Don't go expecting it to be like the beach because it's a dry air, not wet-salty that leave you with sticky skin and wavy hair. I highly suggest doing your research and checking out a salt cave in your area! If you are in Raleigh, feel free to come with me to Skin Sense!! 

Have you ever tried a salt cave? Let me know in the comments!