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The Candle Collection by Kendra Scott

When I heard that Kendra Scott was releasing a candle line, I was SO stoked! Candles and Kendra Scott are my two favorite things! Luckily, I was invited to their launch party to check out all of the wonderfully yummy scents. 

The Kendra Scott team worked for 12 months alongside perfumers before bringing the mood of their favorite stones (and mine) to life in candle form. 


There are four candles in the line: Signature, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Malachite. I always try to carry Rose Quartz and Amethyst stones with me due to their calming, anti-anxiety properties so I was immediately drawn to these two candles. They did not disappoint! 


At the back of the store, I grabbed a glass of sparkling wine and settled in to make my very own bath salt mixture! My creation looked more like elementary school sand art than a high-end bath salt mixture but it worked all the same!! I thought this was the cutest idea for an event and definitely hope to see the trend take off, if only so I can get more bath salts!  


With a limited budget (hello, the day before pay-day!), I could only grab on small votive so I chose Amethyst with its soothing blend of blackberry and lilac blossoms with a background of sandalwood to balance! I can't wait to go back and grab the larger size of this, as well as the Rose Quartz!


Have you stopped by to check out these The Candle Collection by Kendra Scott? Which one was your favorite?