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A Girls Night Out at The Bistro at Topsail

Topsail Island -- 26 miles of quiet sandy beaches, pirate lore, WWII history, sea turtle rehabilitation, and... James Beard Award Winning, farm to table food? You heard right. After having a vacation home on Topsail Island for over 20 years, I've loved watching this tiny little island transform. While I hadn't visited in nearly 10 years (college and my move to LA are to blame), I have made it a priority to get to know this almost new to me island top to bottom. That's where The Bistro at Topsail comes into play. 

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Celebrate NC Beer Month with Fayetteville's "Hometown Hops" Program

In honor of NC Beer Month, I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than participate in the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau's Hometown Hops Passport program! Home to five distinguished breweries, Cumberland County is ready to welcome brewery enthusiasts to America’s Hometown with a perfect pour of a memorable craft brew. 

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TURTLE POWER! - Turtle Time at Carolina and Kure Beach, N.C.

It¹s "turtle time" again at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach! Want to plan a quick summer getaway that is as relaxing as it is fulfilling and educational? Look no further than Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, North Carolina, where you can enjoy a classic beach vacation while gaining the one-of-a-kind experience of helping endangered Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings. ­

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Into The Wild

Preface: If you ask me where my favorite place in the world is, I will either tell you the Dean Dome at UNC or the Grand Canyon. 

In an effort to get back in the practice of updating this little ol thing more often, I went through my drafts and realized I never blogged about mine and Shelby's epic Grand Canyon hike last 4th of July. While I have lots of #feels seeing all these awesome photos again, I am going to keep my commentary brief and let the pictures speak for themselves. Also see: lazy. 

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Fayetteville, NC has tons of Fall fun!

Fayetteville, NC is famous for a few things -- its rich military history, J.Cole and me. I am technically not from there but it's the closest big city to my hometown, so I claim it, alright?! 

Dubbed "America's Hometown", Fayetteville has a ton of activities happening this October. Aside from Nature Connects at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden and Fayetteville Comic Con, there is a whole slew of fun to be had! 

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Green Goo

I am constantly injuring myself in some random way. Scrapes from falling, paper cuts, accidental burns in the kitchen, it's always something. When accidents happen, I love using Green Goo® First Aid. It's not gloopy like most topical medications, it's in a round tin so you don't have to fuss with half empty tubes, and it doesn't smell weird! I love that I can throw it in my purse where it will live until my next accident. 

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5 Tips for Busy Travelers during National Staying Healthy Month

According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans take 2.1 billion trips for business or leisure annually. Unfortunately, your health takes a toll when you are in constant motion, introduced to new places and environments, and in contact with others. (Personally, I find myself under the weather on every other trip that I take.) During January’s National Staying Healthy Month, Savvy Travelers suggests 5 tips for busy travelers to stay healthy while on the move.

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Travel On The Cheap in 2016

I don't know about you but I have a few travel goals set for 2016. After years of only using my vacation days to go to NC, I have decided it's time to be adventurous! You can imagine how stoked I was to see that Budget Travel's Where To Go 2016 list is bigger and better than ever with amazing (and amazingly affordable!) destinations from around the globe.

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Wild, Wild West: Hoover Dam

It's kind of the rule in my family that no matter what trip we go on, be it for work or pleasure, we have to do something educational. After countless family trips, I have finally adopted this ideology as my own. When Liz and I were leaving Las Vegas after our awesome stay at Green Valley Ranch Resort, we decided to take a detour and check out Hoover Dam. I have been with my family before (surprise) but thought it would be nice to let, *ahem* force, Liz experience it. 

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Viva Las Vegas

Thanks to my obsessive tweeting in an Expedia Twitter chat late last year, I won a two night stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in Henderson, NV. The free stay had been in the back of my mind for a while so I decided to bite the bullet and finally use it on the extra days I had off due to Thanksgiving. Las Vegas is only a 3-4 hour drive from Los Angeles and about an hour flight. My friend Liz and I opted for the former and made a road trip out of it. 

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