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Get Fit For Summer with This Fit Blonde

My obsession with Amanda is no secret. We have our own hashtag - #GaleDale. It's a thing. Our friendship started many moons ago when we were brought together by the late & great fitness platform, FitOrbit. Amanda was my trainer and taught me all the things. As a result, I lost 40 lbs in about 3 months. Crazy, I know. Not only is she the most kick ass trainer, she is the most fun person on the planet. Also, she has approx 15 degrees so she's basically a child genius. 

Amanda left me in Los Angeles to make a wonderful life in Singapore, complete with aqua spin classes BUT she still trains me via Trainerize. Every morning at 6AM, my Trainerize app alerts me that it's time to get my butt in gear and do the workout that Amanda has assigned for me. When I don't know how to do a certain exercise, I just click the instructional video provided. You can also upload all your body stats to the app so your trainer knows exactly what they are working with. Admittedly, I forget to do this quite often. Sorry Mander!

I have included a few of my favorite recent workouts that Amanda customized for me. It's so great trying different workouts because I am never bored AND if there is something I absolutely hate, Amanda won't make me do it. 

All three of the workouts below were my Saturday morning workout this past weekend. Generally, I only have one workout to do but I skipped the gym Friday morning so I moved that workout over to Saturday on my app. After that, I decided I wanted to do a little more cardio so I threw in my FAVORITE treadmill workout! Needless to say, I worked off all the calories so I could #retox while watching Carolina beat the crap out of Dook! 


Amanda has a ton of customizable training plans available! She even has an 8 week endurance training plan that will help you train for that upcoming race. Check her out here and let her know Melinda sent you! You should def use our hashtag thought -- #GaleDale.