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IGNITE Your Workout

Women's Health Magazine recently released their newest fitness dvd - IGNITE ($28)- starring Next Fitness Star winner Nikki Metzler. Since the Women's Health team knows that I love to change up my workouts, they sent me over a copy to try!

Certified personal trainer, Nike Master Trainer, and owner of BODI (an award-winning gym in Scottsdale, Arizona), Nikki Metzger specializes in high-intensity, functional athletic group training. Her innovative techniques utilize the latest sports-performance equipment and metabolic conditioning programming to deliver jaw-dropping results in half the time of other popular workout methods. 

Nikki Megzger was discovered by Women’s Health through a nationwide search for the Next Fitness Star.  Among thousands of applicants, she was awarded the title live on NBC’s TODAY to develop this original DVD series, appear in the Jan/Feb issue of Women’s Health, and be a new face of fitness for the brand. 


IGNITE from Women’'s Health, produced by parent company Rodale Inc., is an efficient, at-home workout program for every fitness level, complete with modifications for every exercise to ensure you’re getting the safest, most effective workout every time you hit play.  The workouts will not only rev up your metabolism, but keep you elevated and burning calories throughout the day.

IGNITE’s cutting-edge workout program delivers faster, more effective results with three 20-minute routines:

  • BUILD Designed to increase lean muscle mass and blast body fat: complete five separate rounds of 45-second strength supersets followed by a quick 30-second cardio blast.
  • SWEAT Work every major muscle while boosting cardio with this series of dynamic, bodyweight exercises set up in explosive 30-second intervals.
  • BURN Take on a ferocious circuit of nine exercises back to back with intervals that get progressively shorter (but not easier) with each round.

Since I didn't want my downstairs neighbors to hate me too much. I decided to try the 8-minute abs blaster first. I loved how quick yet challenging it was. Nikki is the perfect fitness instructor because she is energetic, engaging and funny.  I couldn't wait to tackle the other workouts. 

I give IGNITE (and Nikki) 5 out of 5 stars! Loved the workouts, loved the instructor. Grab this DVD ASAP!