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So many females find themselves in the same situation as me. I have insurance but don't really have enough money to regularly visit the doctor. Even if I had the money, I don't really have the time. This is where Maven comes in. Maven is a platform designed to make healthcare easy for all women. 


The process is very simple. Just download the app and start browsing. Tell Maven what kind of care you need. Then, choose one of several providers they recommend, based on the specifics.


After you find the practitioner you need, you book an appointment. The appointment is a video chat and it's great because you can schedule something the same day or later in the week. If you need something ASAP, you can reach out to the Maven support team and they can find someone who is available. They have a range of appointments, from 10 minutes to a full hour. No more losing a part of your day or taking time off work to get treated. With appointments starting at just $18, Maven is there to provide specialized, affordable care for less than the price of a copay. (The video sessions start at $18 for 10 minutes with a nurse practitioner, $25 for 20 minutes with a nutritionist, and $35 for 10 minutes with a doctor.)


Since I had no real health concerns when I first tried the app, I decided to speak with a nutritionist to discuss my diet. My two options for the time I needed were Vanita and Randi. After looking over their profiles and reading what they specialize in, I decided Randi aligned more with what I was looking for. We had a great 20 minute chat and she assured me I was on the right path, nutrition-wise, but also reminded me there were a few key things my diet was lacking (fruit and grains). 

Maven is great in the event you  need a prescription but can't get into a doctors office. Maven can help out when someone has a non-urgent medical need, such as a question about birth control or a prescription refill.

Want to try Maven? Get your first appointment free by using my referral code: MELINDAVIP.