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Opinions are like assholes..

Hey dear friends. 

As always, thank you for continuously coming to this little site, despite the fact that I have neglected it over the past two months. 

My life has been an insane rollercoaster of emotions lately and I just wanted to put pen to paper and explain. After 7 wonderful years in Los Angeles, I have decided to relocated back to my motherland Carolina. I would be lying if I said it was a hard decision. For some time now, I have wanted to leave LA as I felt it was no longer serving me. I toyed with Nashville or DC but neither felt right right now. I started a new job here in LA and after a few months, things still didn't feel right. The pull to head back East was stronger than ever. 

So here I am. Jobless, at a extremely overpriced coffee shop on Beverly that doesn't have wifi, typing up my exit letter to a city I have loved for so long. The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions since making "the decision". It still feels right. So many people are asking me why I would ever want to leave. In the end, it's my decision. I don't think people understand how exponentially harder everything in LA is. I have no family here. Aside from a few amazing friends, I have no support system here. I can't call my dad to come help me if something is wrong with my car. I can't get my mom to go shopping with me to pick up a new rug. I can't go over to my brothers house for dinner. Once you look past the glitz and the glamour, LA is rough. It takes a certain kind of person to last here. I know I have lasted. I have lasted longer than most people I know in this city. The people I know who have lasted longer have significant others they are on this crazy journey with. I don't have that. 

I know some people will see this as me giving up. It's not giving up. I have paid my dues. I have grown my career. I have done things I would only dream of doing. I have accomplished more than I ever thought I could. Now it's time for my next chapter. I am excited. I am beyond ready to be able to spend more time with my family and watch my nephews grow up IN PERSON as opposed to via FaceTime. I am ready to go to as many UNC sporting events as my schedule allows. I am ready to go on weekend trips to visit friends in other states. I am ready to have a support system. I am ready to not have to deal with street parking. I am ready to have an apartment that isn't a glorified dorm room. I am ready to reconnect with my roots. 

Wrapping up this rambling word vom of a post, thank you so much to everyone who has offered their support in any way - be it passing along my resume or suggesting apartments. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. Again, I am completely overwhelmed right now and have more text messages than time to respond. I promise I am not ignoring you. I am just trying to sort out everything.

I am going to take this next month to get organized, to finally get back in the gym, to READ, to WRITE, to do all the things I want to do that make me happy. My soul needs this. I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this time of transition.