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Valentine's Day Beauty Prep by Stript Wax Bar

Just because I don't have a Valentine this year doesn't mean that I still didn't want to look great for the occasion. When I heard all of the amazing services that Stript Wax Bar on 3rd in Los Angeles provides, I jumped at the chance to get prepped and ready for my dateless V-Day. While the thought of getting any kind of wax job done terrifies me, I opted for a facial. It was much needed as you have no idea what the smog and dry climate do to my pores here.

For this area of Los Angeles (like most areas of Los Angeles), parking is kind of difficult but I will let you in on a little secret -- if you can't find a meter or parking on a side street, Stript has a few parking spaces behind their building where you can park for free.


When I finally entered the "Bar", I was immediately in love with the lobby decorations. There are comfy couches and chairs to lounge in while you have a cocktail and wait for your services. Yes, they have alcohol, coffee, juice and water. Basically, I would go there every day if I could because they have the beverage game on lock. 

After just a few minutes of waiting, my facialist, Jess, came out and introduced herself. She took me down the hallway to the room we would be using and instructed me to put on a sort of half robe. 


Although I am no facial expert, I have had a few in my day and none were at spa's as nice as Stript nor were the beds as warm and comfy. 

After I was changed and ready to go, Jess came back in and explained the whole process we would be embarking on together. She cleansed my face, neck, and chest first. Yes, these facials include your chest and it ruled. No one wants a gross, wrinkly chest. Next, she took a super sonic light (*not actually what it's called -- I am using artistic liberty here) and checked out my face so she could know how to proceed with treatment. After this, a few extractions happened which I was kind of sad I didn't get to witness because I am gross like that. Then came THE PEEL! I have only had one other peel ever and it hurts so good. Again, I am gross like that. The more it hurts, the more you know it's working! (Note: I realized I am saying all of this after I just mentioned how waxing scares me.) I know an exfoliation was in there somewhere but honestly I was so blissed out, I could barely keep track of the order.

After she finished with all the magical treatments, Jess slathered some sunscreen on me and I was ready to go. Moral of the story, my face was so squeaky clean after that I never wanted to go in the sun again or put on any makeup. 


Here is a very beautiful selfie I took and sent to my friends Shelby and Liz before I pulled out of the parking lot. Disregard the face I am making and look at how great my skin looks! 

Jess was so amazing and sent me home with a few samples of the Alchimie Forever products she used on my face. I loved her so much and wished I could take her home to clean my face for my every day. I probably talked to her way too much during the treatment but she was so sweet. YOU'RE THE BEST JESS! 

A MILLION gold stars to Jess and the awesome Stript Wax Bar team. I fully intend on going back as much as possible and letting them take all my money to make my skin glow. So RUN, don't walk over to Stript and let them take care of all of your Valentine's Day beauty prep needs! (They even vajazzle, y'all.) 

For their full list of services click here.

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