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5 Tips For Sticking with Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

Celebrity fitness trainer Tadeo , Top 3 finalist from Spike TV's fitness entrepreneur reality series "Sweat Inc." with Jillian Michaels, sent over his top 5 tips for sticking with your New Year's fitness resolutions.

5 Tips For Sticking With Your New Years Fitness Resolutions -

1.) Less Is More

Dedicate 20 minutes when you wake up or at the end of your day to working out. Just 5 days of doing this is enough to jumpstart your fitness goals...and will allow you  to take the weekends off to reward yourself.

2.) Visualize Your Results

 Get excited and continue your momentum by focusing on where you want your fitness goals to take you. Visualize yourself having great energy, fitting into your spring wardrobe, and even taking a vacation to celebrate once you've reached your goal weight or fitness level

3.) Stop Comparing Yourself to Your Younger/Skinnier Self

Those jeans that used to fit in high school or college don't fit now for good  reason - maybe they're not even in style anymore. Your lifestyle is different now, your career and your daily responsibilities. So instead of setting unrealistic goals by torturing yourself with what you used to look like, focus on being the healthiest version of who you are now.

4.) Cut down on Portions

You would be amazed at how quickly you can see results by simply cutting down your portion sizes. By just cutting out a 1/3rd of what you normally eat, you are sure to drop clothing sizes.  This is best done by eating smaller meals throughout the day. However, be sure not to skip meals since that can slow down your metabolism and stall your fitness goals.

5.) Commit

Love, career and a healthy lifestyle require just that. They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. So stay the course until working out becomes as routine to you as everything else you do to start or end your day

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