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Holiday Fitness Tips from O2 Fitness

Y'all. Does holiday eating absolutely terrify you like it does me? I feel like any time I am at a holiday party or family get together, I either drink way too much which results in eating a ton or just feel like I absolutely have to stuff my face with all the delicious food I see. Not the ideal situation for someone who tries hard to be on top of their health and fitness game! Lucky, Prath Burton, Senior Fitness Director at O2 Fitness Clubs sent over a few tips to keep us all happy and healthy this holiday season.  

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Funktional Wearables

If you know me, you know I am absolutely obsessed with wearing my FitBit every single day. I've had it for over 2 years and it's been everywhere with me. Workouts, concerts, and more importantly -- on the red carpet. 

The team over at Funktional Wearables™  heard my "MY FITBIT DOESN'T MATCH MY RED CARPET ATTIRE" cries and sent over this beautiful bracelet that hides my tracker! Ever since receiving this awesome piece, I have worn it maybe 5 times a week and received so many compliments. Not only are these accessories super stylish, but they are also affordable! 

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