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Green Goo

I am constantly injuring myself in some random way. Scrapes from falling, paper cuts, accidental burns in the kitchen, it's always something. When accidents happen, I love using Green Goo® First Aid. It's not gloopy like most topical medications, it's in a round tin so you don't have to fuss with half empty tubes, and it doesn't smell weird! I love that I can throw it in my purse where it will live until my next accident. 

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NMFIT Holiday Fitness Package

One of my favorite boss lady's/fitness experts, Nadia Murdock, is currently offering a holiday fitness package to help you get through the holidays without so much guilt! This is also the perfect last minute gift for the fitness lover in your life or someone who is looking to get whipped into shape. Best of all, it's only $9. Run, don't walk, to take advantage of this awesome offer from an even more awesome lady.

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Beauty Faves: Nerium

As a part of my job, I always end up finding out about the latest and greatest beauty products. Nerium is no exception. I first learned about the company a few years back through a work project and I have been a loyal user ever since. Their Age-Defying Night Cream is a staple in my nightly beauty routine. (Fun fact: it's only 1 fl oz so you can pack it in your toiletries while traveling.)

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