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Train Like A Pro Athelete

The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event of the year, but rather than be inspired by the athleticism of the day, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of the year for food consumption - following Thanksgiving. Even if you do celebrate the Super Bowl by indulging in chicken wings and beer, use the event to motivate yourself and amp up your fitness routine with workouts inspired by the pro athletes we love to cheer on.

Celebrity fitness trainer and 2x World Boxing Champion Danny Musico gave us an inside peak into how he has trained some of the most incredible professional and on-screen athletes, so even if you do treat yourself to a few nachos, you can train like an athlete inspired by your Super Bowl heroes. Incorporating Danny's tips into a daily routine will have you in pro-training-camp-ready condition.

1. Training Like A Professional Athlete Starts With Discipline, Proper Sleep, Diet And Hydration: Before you begin any workout, pop open a can of Celsius, a healthy energy drink designed to aid in weight loss and increase performance while working out. Celsius is the perfect motivator for those exercise sessions that have been pushed off for months. Backed by multiple published university studies, drinking Celsius before exercise has been proven to help burn up to 93% more body fat and burn 100 calories and more per serving.

2. Start With Cardio:  Find yourself your best staircase and hit it hard, running up and down, doing lunge climbs and stair jumps. Take on as many steps as you can at a time in a climb.

3. Pull Ups/Chin Ups: If you're working out at home, get a pull up bar installed in your doorway, that way you can't avoid working your arms with this hard hitting exercise.  

4. Wall Sits: Prop yourself in a seated position leaning against the wall and challenge yourself against the time. If you have a stability ball you can do explosive wall squats by placing the ball between you and the wall and have dumbbells in your hands for added difficulty.

5. Back to Cardio: Challenge yourself with intervals of high knee runs in place, starting with going all out 30 second bursts and build on time and number of sets.

6. Jump Rope: Find a flat surface and do 30 second to 3 minute intervals. This activity is best when wearing a good shock absorbing running shoe.

7. Burpees: No one truly enjoys these, but the pros know they're a necessity. Do burpees as fast as you can for sets of 12 to 15.

8. Planks: The challenge is to hold planks as long as you can without losing proper form. Stop when your form is no longer perfect, so you don't injure yourself.

9. Floor Crunches: Go to your stomach and crunch without pulling on your neck or letting momentum take over.

10. Jumping Jacks Into Push Up Drill: Go for 30 seconds of speed jumping jacks as fast as you can without losing proper form right into 30 seconds of proper form push ups, take 30 seconds for rest and repeat.

11. Shadow Box Punching Drill: Make an imaginary square in front of you and punch like a piston through that square for 30 second speed drills without dropping your hands out of the square and build on time. Your shoulders and arms will beg for mercy.

Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico has been everything from a professional boxer, actor and model, to an athlete, spokesman and television personality. He is best known from training stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jessica Simpson, Sylvester Stallone for Rocky, Demi Moore for G.I. Jane, Hillary Swank for Million Dollar Baby, Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter, and HBO's "Entourage" cast, a show on which he also guest starred. Musico has also trained Navy Seals, Corrections Officers, Police Academy Cadets, Fire Fighters, State Troopers and many other professionals. The former super middleweight boxing champion trains with his proprietary HDT (High Definition Training) method at his ABH Gym (Above Beverly Hills), located on the rooftop of the 60 Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills.